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Founder and CEO -Aarti Shrimali

Corporate Trainer, Speaker & Coach 

Aarti is a highly respected speaker, corporate trainer, visiting faculty, and C-suite executive who has worked with top MNCs and institutions around the world. Her expertise and experience make her a sought-after professional in her field.

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Why Choose Aarti as Your Speaker?

Aarti's presentations offer a unique blend of real-time engagement, hands-on interaction, and valuable insights. Her speaking style is centered around case studies, practical applications, and research, providing participants with exposure to real-world experiences.

Key Reasons to Consider Aarti as Your Speaker:

  1. Tailored Content:

    • Aarti customizes topics to align with your organization, industry, and audience, ensuring relevance and maximum impact.

  2. Versatility:

    • In addition to speaking engagements, Aarti, as the Founder and CEO of Techdivine Creative Services, offers corporate training, hands-on workshops, and digital strategy consulting services.

  3. Global Experience:

    • A proven track record with over 100,000 audiences addressed across 150 events globally showcases Aarti's ability to connect with diverse audiences.

  4. Extensive Training Experience:

    • Aarti has trained over 50,000 participants, with 37% of them being C-suite and senior management professionals, highlighting her effectiveness as a corporate trainer, visiting faculty, and coach.

  5. Recognition and International Presence:

    • Aarti has received numerous awards for her contributions and has participated as a speaker and special guest in international events.

  6. Industry Expertise:

    • Aarti is recognized as an expert on various forums, providing valuable insights and solutions related to digital marketing, marketing operations, leadership, and CRM.

Choosing Aarti as your speaker ensures a dynamic and tailored experience, backed by global recognition and expertise in diverse domains.

Speaker Aarti Shrimali
Chief Guest Aarti Shrimali and pannel
Panel 2024 with Aarti Shrimali
Speaker Aarti Shrimali_edited_edited
Group photo after CMO meet
Speaker Aarti Shrimali_edited
Aarti Shrimali @RIIM Pune
Appreciation -Aarti Shrimali
Speaker Aarti Shrimali with prof coordinator
Speaker Aarti Shrimali
Team  of MIT and Panel
Aarti Shrimali as a Chief Guest
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Awarded by Ministry of Electronics and Communications
Excellence in Marketing_edited
Nirmana 2.0 at MIT-WPU 2024
Guest Pannel CMO Meet 2024
Corporate Training and Workshop

This organized structure allows for a comprehensive exploration of each topic area, ensuring a well-rounded and informative presentation or workshop.

Topics for practical workshop

1. Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media ROI for Business.

2. Branding for Product and Service Growth

3. Campaign Management for Company Growth:

4. Style and Strategy of Lead Generation.

5. Content Marketing as a Holistic Approach

6. CRM Implementation and Uses of Tools and Software

7. Leadership Management

8. Website Design, Development, and Integration to Grow

9. Entrepreneurship, Small to Medium, and Startup Business - Concept of Growth Hacking

10. E-commerce Marketing

11. Motivational Speaker

12. AI Applications for Marketing

For Whom: Corporate and Management students 

For Digital Marketing Advanced Course 

Fundamental Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing 

AI based Marketing 


Interview Preprations

For Whom: 10+, 12+, Graduate, PG, Others


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